How to Negotiate Best Deal on Your Car

How to Negotiate Best Deal on Your Car

Everyone knows that buying a car comes with the stigma of being a hassle. You have to know what type of car you want, and you have to weed through the sales pitches by local salespeople. If you really want to make your car-buying experience in Nanaimo, Victoria, and Duncan to be more enjoyable, you need to know how to negotiate the best deal. After all, if you feel like you are driving away in that new car that you got for the very best price, then it will make that car much sweeter. Take a look at the following tips to become a better negotiator and get the best deal on your next new vehicle purchase.

Do your research.

Before you can become an expert negotiator, you need to know what you’re negotiating for. Do your research to find a car, truck, or SUV that you like, and find out what the average price is. Do some comparison shopping between local dealers to see who has this car, what price they offer, and if they are running any sales or promotions. This way, you can walk into a dealership with great knowledge that will allow you to make the best possible deal on your new car.

Be firm with your price.

Before you head into any dealership, it’s important that you know exactly how much you are willing to spend on a car. Some people make the mistake in thinking about what monthly payment they can afford, and this is not smart. Many dealerships will be able to meet your monthly payment by extending the life of the loan, and this just means you end up spending way more in interest than you initially planned. Instead, know the overall total you can afford to spend, and then work with the dealership to craft the right auto loan that suits that budget.

Negotiate something else.

When buying a car, most people make the mistake in thinking the only thing worth negotiating is the price of the vehicle, and this isn’t true. Maybe the dealership doesn’t have much wiggle room on the MSRP, but it is possible that they can throw in some added perks. For example, see if you can negotiate a maintenance package, a technology package, a safety package, or some other fun perk you really want. It may not have the same effect as driving down the price of the vehicle, but it still means you got more for your money.

Be mindful of what you share.

Salespeople are trained professionals, and they can judge a book on its cover based on what it is you say. If you share too much information about yourself, they will use it to determine if the deal is worth it. For example, if you mention that you barely drive but need a car, the salesperson knows this car will last you a long time, so they may not move too much on price. However, if you make it known that you often buy vehicles, the salesperson may be willing to work with you to get a good deal because they know they’ll earn your repeat business. Always think carefully about the information you share.

In addition to watching what you say, you should also watch your appearance and demeanor. For example, if you’re trying to get a great deal out of a car, but you pull up in a foreign luxury car and are wearing all designer clothes, the salesperson will assume that money is really no object, so they won’t move too much. However, if you blend in with the crowd of people at the dealership, you may snag a better price.

Take your time.

Making rash decisions is what will get you into trouble. Even if you’re in desperate need for a car, taking your time will help you make the right choice. Plus, this lets the salesperson know that they may have to work a little harder to get you out the door in a new car.

Let Island Car Credit Help

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