Know Your Next Car

Next Car

Are you ready to trade in your old car for an entirely different model in Nanaimo, but you're not sure what car will get you around Duncan in the style you need? Island Car Credit can help! Find the right car for you in Victoria with this handy guide.

Figure Out Your Needs

When looking for your next car, the most important thing to consider is what you absolutely need. If you regularly need to carry lots of gear or many passengers, you'll want a car with plenty of room. If you have a long commute, you'll need a car with good fuel economy. If you do a lot of off-roading or regularly drive in snow and ice, you'll need a strong all-wheel drive system. Make sure that the car you choose is a car that can meet your needs.

Set Your Budget

Most car buyers do not pay cash for a car on the spot. Take into account not only the total cost of the car, but also the cost of elements like insurance, gas, interest rates on your loan, and maintenance, such as oil changes or potential repairs. You can check the price of different vehicles online at sites like and see which car is right for your budget.

Research Your Pick

Once you've settled on a model, check around to see what other similar vehicles might be available. Very often, top-tier vehicles will be thousands of dollars more expensive than similar vehicles that simply haven't been marketed as extensively but that might be of equal or even better quality. Shop around and use car comparison sites and car review forums to see which cars might fit your needs.

Find Available Cars in Your Area

If you're looking for a used car, you might have a harder time finding the precise model that you want than with a new car. Your selection may be limited to what you can find at a nearby dealership in the Nanaimo area. Island Car Credit can help you find the car that's right for you, with a wide inventory of premium used cars to fit every need.

What's Your Perfect Vehicle?

The hardest part of finding the right vehicle for you might be deciding what you need, and what kind of car fits your needs. Narrowing down the right model depends on you and you specific needs and price range, but it's not hard to get a general idea of what type of car might be right for you and your needs.

Coupe or Convertible

Most coupes or convertibles are made for speed and fun, but they may not have much storage or trunk space, with very little access to the back seat. If you're looking for a sporty car for fun on the road as a secondary car, or don't have much of a commute or gear to haul around, a used coupe or convertible can give you all the fun of a snazzy sports car without the high price tag of the newest model.


A four-door sedan is great as a commuter car and offers lots of options. If you have children or frequently carpool, having enough room for your passengers to get in and out of the car is important, meaning you'll need four doors and more storage space than a coupe. If you have a long commute, you might look for a compact car that's likely to have more efficient fuel mileage to save you money.


A hatchback or station wagon is similar to a sedan, but with more room for passengers and cargo space. Hatchbacks have a handy fifth door in the back to make loading your cargo easier. Station wagons are a size up from hatchbacks for extra cargo room, but aren't as bulky as a traditional minivan.

SUV or Crossover

SUVs were introduced to the market for serious off-roaders, but their high clearance and ruggedness have made them popular as a status symbol. The main drawbacks of SUVs are that they are likely to roll over taking sharp curves at a fast pace due to their height, and their fuel efficiency tends to be low due to their size. Serious off-road enthusiasts may be interested in investing in a full SUV, but family drivers looking for more room in an alternative to a minivan may want to check out a crossover SUV.


A minivan is a great choice for hauling around a lot of passengers or more gear than even an SUV can handle. However, minivans don't have a lot of driving spirit. They're an economical and comfortable choice for families with a lot of kids or kids with many friends, however.

Choose Your Perfect Car Today

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